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Trinity Thomas Ties NCAA Perfect 10 Record At Gymnastic Finals

Trinity Thomas Ties NCAA Perfect 10 Record At Gymnastic Finals

10, 10, 10’s across the board!

Trinity Thomas is a gymnastics superstar at the University of Florida, Yahoo! Sports reports. A fifth-year senior, Thomas had been down due to a leg injury that prevented her from competing in the Summer Olympics, Gators Wire reports. She returned this past weekend to compete in the 2023 NCAA Gymnastic Finals. During the last meet of her impressive collegiate career, Thomas made history, earning her 28th “perfect 10” in the vault competition, tying the record for the most “perfect 10” scores in NCAA history.

As Thomas took the floor, she said she wasn’t focused on her injury or making history, she really just wanted to do her best.

“I was just focused on being here one last time with my team. They mean the world to me and we left it all out on the floor and I could not be more proud of us,” Thomas told reporters while getting emotional. 



Thomas credits the support of her team with allowing her to make it this far and leave a historic legacy. From the stands, her Florida Gators teammates could be heard chanting “GOAT,” while cheering her on.

“I couldn’t have done it myself. I can’t do anything myself; the Lord, my friends, and my family have all helped me along the way,” said Thomas. 

The standout gymnast graduated with her bachelor’s from the University of Florida last spring, earning her degree in applied Physiology & Kinesiology - Fitness Wellness. She is currently in her master’s program, pursuing a degree in health education. Even despite her injury, Thomas continued to make strides, receiving SEC Academic Honor Roll and becoming the only NCAA gymnast to earn “at least four 10.0 on each apparatus for her fourth career Gym Slam.” She took home three NCAA individual gymnastic titles in 2022, including the prestigious Honda Award.

Thomas said she’s grateful and is really going to miss the sport that has given her so much.

“The fifth year has been a blessing. I’m going to miss gymnastics so much. I couldn’t be more thankful,” she said. 

Congratulations Trinity! 

Cover photo: Trinity Thomas ties NCAA perfect 10 record at gymnastic finals/Photo Courtesy of USA Today Sports)