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Tia Mowry Has Launched An Affordable Natural Hair Care Line With Walmart

Tia Mowry Has Launched An Affordable Natural Hair Care Line With Walmart

With the launch of her natural hair care brand, this actress, mom and CEO just became one of the first Black women to co-develop a brand in partnership with Walmart. 

From the voluminous fro on Sister, Sister to the straightened hair on The Game, we watchedMowry’s hair transform. "Back then, I thought straight hair meant sexy because that was the message being put out. I didn't see curly hair represented in magazines and television. And even when I was in school, people would say, 'Oh, your hair is frizzy,’” she told Byrdie. Her hair journey inspired her to come out with her own line of products that are affordable and made for every hair type. 

With the help of biotechnology company Amyris, she was able to develop eight products that are sure to bring health and wellness to your hair. “There's been such an alignment between Amyris and me since the beginning. We value the same things in terms of safe ingredients and sustainability,” Mowry said. She even took the advice of other beauty professionals and everyday people to ensure this product will be a good fit for all. The ingredient that makes these products so special is Hemisqualane 15 (Hemi15), a patented molecule by Amyris that acts as an alternative to silicones and aids in frizz control, breakage protection, and maintaining moisture.

Mowry included her two children in the campaign, showing off their different hair textures and telling a story of haircare that starts at a young age for many Black children. 

"My purpose in life is to encourage, uplift, and empower. Doing that with this brand makes me feel like I am living out my purpose. I just want to see people with all different hair textures embracing who they are because I feel where there is authenticity, there is magic and joy." 4U By Tia is now available in Walmart and priced under $11. You can’t beat that!

Congratulations, Tia! We can’t wait to try them out.

Photo: 4U By Tia