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This Family of Four Is Providing Black Families With Top-Rated Luxury Bookings

This Family of Four Is Providing Black Families With Top-Rated Luxury Bookings

They’re doing it as a unit!

Everyone deserves a luxury vacation, and the Goring family is ready to provide you with a first-class ticket to paradise! 

Glenn and Amanda Goring have spent their 13 years of marriage doing what they love the most, traveling. They’ve been all around the world and they knew their children would be earning the experience of traveling as well. Years ago after a travel agent tried to urge them against traveling with their two-month-old daughter, the couple was disturbed and didn’t want any Black family to feel that way. They decided to take the vacation planning into their own hands and launched In-Style Travel

Now Mr and Mrs. Goring are providing travelers with 6 and 7-star luxury travel experiences. In-Style Travel is offering premium packages that can accommodate you and your family internationally and domestically. Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic which disrupted travel plans and halted travel altogether at times, the family continued to work hard and put their best foot forward for their clients. 

Mrs. Goring who also works as a professional speaker describes their top tier process saying, “We set up your itinerary, and provide your driver. We also brief you on the information you need. We let you know who the US consulate is, and connect you with the concierge at the destination. We are an on-demand service.” She added, “We aim to offer families a completely hassle-free experience. We require flight travel protection with your booking. So, hypothetically, if you miss your plane, you receive a credit toward the next flight. We are there for you before the journey. While you are there, we are there with you every step of the way. And we send you gifts! We don’t just send you invoices and tickets; we customize your excursions and offer a premium, high-touch experience. And that’s why 4 out of 5 of our clients return as repeat business.”

A lot of people have wondered how the couple has managed traveling and parenting with such small aged children. Rest assured the pair has said education is a top priority. In every aspect of traveling the parents ensure their two daughters Brooklyn and Lexington are learning. You can see just how knowledgeable the two girls are on their YouTube channel LittleMissTravelers



The parents are enjoying all the life has to offer all while  changing the narrative around traveling with young children! Be sure to check their Instagram page to see where they’re headed next, and visit their website to begin planning your next destination!

Photo: In-Style Travel LLC