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This 21 Year Old Is Now The Most Subscribed Streamer On Twitch

This 21 Year Old Is Now The Most Subscribed Streamer On Twitch

Success has no age, deadline, or limit!

At 21 years old, Kai Cenat has officially broken the Amazon-owned live-streaming platform's all-time subscriber record, topping two other creators. 

Meet Kai Cenat, the young content creator from New York, NY who got his start on YouTube at 16 years old. Cenat captured his audience with funny pranks, vlogs, and challenges. In January 2021, he converted to the online streaming platform Twitch, a place that was predominantly used for game streaming. With 5,000 following behind him from YouTube, Cenat continued to grow his fanbase through conversation and comedy. 


By the end of his first month, he had 70,000 subscribers. Within a year, his subscription number gained another zero, sitting at a whopping 500,000 and making him Twitch’s second most-subscribed streamer. However, the feat was overshadowed by racist viewers and white creators who grew upset with his success. 

Since then, the rankings have fluctuated, but Kai has remained at the top and his subscribers continued to grow. Cenat kicked off Black History Month with a 24-hour live stream filled with special guests, funny moments, and an influx of subscribers. For the entire month, he slept, ate, and entertained in front of millions of people online. He also made history; during the subathon, he became the first Black streamer to reach 200,000 subscribers on Twitch! By the end of February, Cenat reached 300,000 subscribers, breaking the platform’s subscription record and earning the title of the most-subscribed Twitch streamer of all time.


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Of course, this achievement was followed by a loving moment. While watching the number reach 300,000, the young entertainer began to shed tears and scream in disbelief. Once he broke the record, his mother called him to congratulate him on his success, and it gave us all the feels!


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From old to young, virtual and real world, Black people continue to break the glass ceiling in every room, arena, and stage. It’s amazing to witness, and we know it’s even more amazing to feel as a trailblazer.


We’re sending all the love and congrats your way, Kai!


Photo: Getty/Robin L Marshall