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Texas Woman Buys More Than $300 Worth of Groceries for Strangers at Dollar General

Texas Woman Buys More Than $300 Worth of Groceries for Strangers at Dollar General

A little goes a long way!

A Texas woman bought more than $300 worth of groceries for strangers at Dollar General, ABC 13 reports. 

Employees at a Dollar General store in Aldine, Texas are making sure people know about the deeds of one good samaritan who happened to visit their store recently. A shopper by the name of Pearl visited the local store recently, paying for all of the shoppers’ items who were in the store. Now Lavine Robicheaux, an employee who was working at the time, wants to make sure Pearl is acknowledged for her generosity. 

Robicheaux took to social media to share a picture of Pearl and her many grocery-filled shopping carts, writing, “Hey everybody this is Pearl…idk this lady but she came in here and spent $326.00 + for families in need this Christmas. She also paid for the other people in the store. She said God blessed her now it’s her turn.”

She then asked her followers to retweet the story, calling what Pearl did, “Black excellence.” Robicheaux said initially she thought Pearl was a normal customer until she noticed her filling up basket after basket. That’s when they knew something big was about to happen. 

“She came back in and bought two baskets worth of stuff. It took two of us to check her out. She grabbed three more baskets and she’s just filling them up with food,” Robicheaux recalled. 

Robicheaux said that Pearl didn’t want the attention called to her and told store workers to let customers know that the food was courtesy of Dollar General. 

“She goes, ‘Don’t tell them that I’m buying it. Just tell them it’s on Dollar General. I don’t want them to recognize me. She was uncomfortable with them saying thank you to her,” Robicheaux explained. 

But the deed was so grand that Robicheaux ended up asking Pearl for her permission to take her picture and share the story. 

“It made me feel good. That’s why I asked to take a picture of her…When you see stuff like that, you want to recognize people because they’re doing stuff out of the kindness of their heart,” said Robicheaux

In the Aldine area, Robicheaux said that there are a lot of people who need help and people like Pearl are a blessing to those families, especially around the holidays. 

“A lot of people in our area, they’re doing good but they’re doing good enough for them. Sometimes they can bless other people. She’s sharing it with people that she doesn’t know,” she said. 

Robicheaux doesn’t know if she’ll ever see Pearl again, but if she did she already knows what she would tell the angel in disguise. 

“I would say, ‘Keep going and try to pass it on to other people,” she said. 

Thank you for sharing this story Lavine and thank you Pearl, wherever you are. 

Photo Courtesy of Lavine Robicheaux/Twitter