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Tennis Star Coco Gauff Graduates From High School

Tennis Star Coco Gauff Graduates From High School

What a way to celebrate!

Tennis star Coco Gauff celebrated her high school graduation in Paris, People reports.

Gauff has already built up quite a name for herself at an early age, becoming a world-famous tennis star and winning her first singles title at just 15-years-old. Now the teen is celebrating another milestone, graduating from high school. The 18-year-old took to social media to share celebratory pictures in full cap and gown with her family in front of Paris’ Eiffel Tower. 

“I did it. No [cap],” Gauff captioned the photos, a nod to her graduation cap.


Stunning pictures of her holding her diploma alongside her parents Candi and Corey as well as solo pics of Gauff, celebrities like Storm Reid and fellow tennis champ Naomi Osaka taking to the comments to congratulate her. 

The well-wishes poured in as Gauff responded to as many as she could with thank you's. A few years ago, when Gauff met Forever First Lady Michelle Obama, Obama spoke to the inspiration Gauff provides as a young girl accomplishing so many amazing things, Gauff calling Obama her “idol.”

“When we talk about the potential of our young people, we often think about it as some far-off promise, years or decades away. But the truth is they have so much to offer us right now — something we all saw a few weeks ago at Wimbledon. Coco is a wonderful young woman who’s showing us that we don’t have to wait to see what the next generation can do,” said Obama.

Congratulations, Coco! You got now and next!

Photo Courtesy of Coco Gauff/Instagram