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Tamron Hall Launches New Daytime Television Show

Tamron Hall Launches New Daytime Television Show

Today is a big day for Tamron Hall! The broadcast journalist officially launched her new daytime program appropriately named, “The Tamron Hall Show.”

Hall, who was the first African American woman to host The Today Show left the show two years ago after attempts by network execs to phase her out. In an interview with NBC5, Hall said she had no idea what would come next but decided to take a leap of faith and “bet on herself.” 

“I didn’t want to watch as my profile was being shrunk down to nothing when I know that I have a unique perspective and voice in this business that is appreciated by people who watch TV.” 

Now her life looks completely different. Not only does she have a new show, but she's going into it with a new husband and a 4 month old baby. Her belief in herself and all of the good things she deserves has paid off.

The show’s format is a little different from other talk shows as it mixes in live and pre taped shows. It will cover a range of topics that deep dive into personal stories, including fertility, mommy shaming and domestic violence. Hall drew inspiration from Oprah and Phil Donahue, engaging in heartwarming and personal conversations with a lot of audience participation. 

“It's surreal. I feel like Aladdin. I'm on a magic carpet ride. At some point in your life you just have to release and let life take you on this journey,” she said.

The Tamron Hall Show airs weekdays at 2pm. For more information, check your local listings.