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Here's A List Of Scholarships For Black Students By Scholaroo App

Here's A List Of Scholarships For Black Students By Scholaroo App

College application season just got that much easier!

Scholaroo is an app aimed at making finding college scholarships easier. The app allows students to search for scholarships across a number of markers including college major, state, grade level, gender and now by demographic. Recently, the platform aggregated a list of scholarship opportunities for Black students, putting all of the potential awards in one place and eliminating the hassle, Black Enterprise reports. 

While many students boast remarkable numbers in scholarship awards, sometimes totaling millions in potential scholarship opportunities, the key to this success is finding them. Apps like Scholaroo join other companies and organizations like the NAACP, Thurgood Marshall College Fund and Scholly, in solving the complex issue of securing funding for college. 

“There are hundreds of millions of dollars in scholarships that were going unclaimed every year simply because students just didn’t know they existed, and that was an issue for me. Especially students of color who need these dollars the most and them not knowing or having access to that capital, or anyone with capital, it [was] really disturbing,” Scholly owner Christopher Gray previously explained regarding the inspiration behind his app. 

Scholaroo now has more than 140 scholarships listed on their site specifically for African American students ranging from $500 to $100,000. The crippling effects of student loan debt across the U.S. is an ongoing issue that impacts minority students the most. Individuals and companies alike have stepped up to try and offer opportunities to curb the debt for students, with scholarships and grants serving as urgent and timely help for students facing or drowning in college debt. 

Last year, Billionaire Robert Smith who previously paid off student loan debt for Morehouse students and their parents, announced $1.8 million in microgrants for students under his Student Freedom Initiative banner. While there are many scholarships reserved for academic funding, Smith hoped to address the wraparound financial issues that may also impact students' ability to get their education. 

“Over 75% of students at HBCUs are considered low-income, relying on Pell Grants to meet their college expenses. However, for many of these students, these grants are not enough…During recent onsite visits at multiple HBCUs, we learned from executive leadership and student focus groups that many of our students are unable to overcome financial challenges for expenses that are not directly related to the cost of college. These expenses, left unaddressed, can derail their college plans,” explained Mark A. Brown, Executive Director of the Student Freedom Initiative where Smith serves as Chairman. 

What companies like these and Scholaroo have shown us is that there is available money for students who need it. By compiling these resources for African American students, Scholaroo is ensuring more access and opportunity for students to receive. For that, we say thank you!

To view the full Scholaroo list of scholarship opportunities for Black students, click here. 


Cover photo: Scholaroo app has compiled list of scholarships for Black students/Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock Images