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Queen Latifah Is Officially A CoverGirl Again

Queen Latifah Is Officially A CoverGirl Again

She’s going to be inspiring a new generation!

Queen Latifah was just named a CoverGirl for the second time, 21 years after she first partnered with the brand, People reports.

In 2001, superstar Queen Latifah was named a CoverGirl, serving as the face of some of the brand’s most iconic rollouts. The inclusion of a multi-hyphenate celebrity like Latifah who resonated with so many different audiences was a game-changer for the brand. Latifah served in the role for 15 years, launching the Queen Collection which featured an array of makeup for darker skin tones.

Now the brand has called on the legend again, announcing that she will be a CoverGirl for the second time, set to appear in a new collection that has “yet-to-be-announced.” Latifah spoke to reporters about the next phase of the partnership, saying she was “excited” about the opportunity.

“Here we go again…I’m excited to be back and to hit the ground running!...[I look forward to bringing] inclusivity to the forefront every step of the way, from product creation to ad development to product dissemination,” said Latifah.


The rapper-turned mogul said it’s important to her that she serve as a representation for other young girls who will grow to see themselves as synonymous with beauty.

“Growing up, I didn’t see anyone who looked like me in beauty ads, so I am grateful for this continued partnership with COVERGIRL to inspire the next generation of young Black girls who will be raised seeing someone like them as the face of a major beauty brand,” Latifah explained. 

But beauty is not the only sector where the Queen is inspiring people, Latifah recently breaking ground on a new affordable housing real estate project in her home state of New Jersey

“I’m a little bit emotional that we got walls up, we got windows… It took a while, but we stayed with it and it changed and it morphed, and we stayed with what we needed to do, and the timing is right right now for this place to rise,” Latifah told reporters.

We’re rising with you, Queen. Congratulations!

Photo Courtesy of Emma McIntyre/Getty Images