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Quadruplets: All Four Brothers Accepted Into Yale And Harvard University

Quadruplets: All Four Brothers Accepted Into Yale And Harvard University

Photo credit: Greg Lynch/The Wade Brothers, from left to right: Zachary, Aaron, Nigel, and Nick 

Something really incredible just happened in the Wade household. Ohio quadruplet brothers Zachary, Aaron, Nick, and Nigel Wade found out that they were all accepted into Yale and Harvard University.  

"Honestly, to have one child from a family be accepted to a school like this is amazing," said Zachary. "But for all four to be accepted — I just don’t, I don’t know how it happened."

Well, we have an idea how the Wade brothers accomplished such a task. Throughout their high school career, the siblings have excelled both in the classroom and athletics. "They are the epitome of academic focus but well-rounded in every way we would want a child to be well-rounded," said Lakota East High School Principal Suzanna Davis. "But each one of them is so very distinct from one another. Their individual personalities are what truly set them apart as high school students and as great young men." 

The brothers credit their parents and the Lakota school district for helping them reach their college acceptance goals. Speaking of college goals, Aaron also got accepted into Stanford, Zachary into Cornell, Nigel into Johns Hopkins and Vanderbilt, and Nick into Duke, Georgetown and Stanford. This is not even the full list of their college acceptances, but Nick shared that most of their final college decisions will be based on their financial aid award packages. 

Congratulations to you all! Your academic excellence and achievement is an inspiration to us all.