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Ohio Representatives Introduce Bill To Recognize Toni Morrison’s Birthday

Ohio Representatives Introduce Bill To Recognize Toni Morrison’s Birthday

After the passing of literary icon, Toni Morrison, representatives in her native home of Ohio have introduced a bill to create a day in honor of her.

Northeast Ohio State Representatives Joe Miller, (D-Amherst), and Stephanie Howse, (D-Cleveland), introduced the bill to make Morrison’s birthday, February 18th, “Toni Morrison Day” in Ohio, the Cleveland Scene reports. Morrison was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio. Since her passing on August 5 of this year, tributes and memorials have been held in her honor around the world. The bill is headed to the House Rules and Reference Committee and is expected to get a committee assignment soon. 

Representative Miller spoke to the press saying, “In the Lorain area, Toni Morrison has long been a source of inspiration for our youth. Her legacy is one of perseverance, dedication to education and leadership by example. I am hopeful that the designation of Toni Morrison Day will remind all Ohioans to learn from the body of work that inspired so many during her lifetime.” 

Representative Howse agreed saying,  "Toni Morrison’s life and writing exemplified her unique gift for creating passionate, elegant and timeless literature that is cherished by Ohioans and people around the globe. Her work stirred our souls, challenged our conscience to confront injustices and encouraged the rest of the world to do the same." 

Both representatives hope that by designating a day to honor Morrison, they will help in preserving her legacy and encouraging a new generation of writers to follow in her footsteps.

May the work and wisdom of Toni Morrison continue to inspire us all.