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New Minimalist Wallet Hopes To Inspire People To Create The Life They Desire

New Minimalist Wallet Hopes To Inspire People To Create The Life They Desire

This is a great father's day gift!

We all know the amazing feeling that comes with getting a new wallet, finally having all of your cards organized and not having to dig through purses and around old pieces of gum to find what you need. Well now there’s a solution, the XYKO (pronounced Zi-Ko) wallet from creator Will Thomas. 

Thomas and his partner Tim Chuko, a graphic designer and creative director, are the founders of the XYKO brand, dedicated to creating accessories that provide a minimalist aesthetic with functional design capabilities. A business development exec, Thomas and Chuko met in 2011 while both working for a marketing firm. The two decided to merge their talents in 2022 to develop this brand by launching contemporary products that they felt connected with their larger mission of inspiring consumers. 

Their latest product, the XYKO Freedom Wallet offers a sleek and stylish design, equipped with RFID-blocking technology that keeps your information secure. It has a cool pop up feature to keep your cards organized, won’t expand and takes up little pocket/purse space. Currently available in two different colorways, Thomas is hoping that the wallet doesn’t become just another quick find for consumers. He hopes that they can identify with the lifestyle XYKO is promoting, one that encourages freedom for purchasers. 

“What really sets this wallet apart is the message behind it. The XYKO Freedom Wallet was created to inspire people to break free from the constraints of society and live life on their own terms. It’s a reminder …[that you] have the power to create [your] own path and pursue [your] dreams, no matter how unconventional they may be,” a statement on the site reads. 



Thomas joins a growing number of Black entrepreneurs looking for ways to empower the the community through new initiatives and products. Whether it's developing financial literacy platforms, creating apps that help build credit, or providing grants to HBCU students that address wraparound issues,  entrepreneurs are making sure that their companies address real social and economic issues impacting the Black community. Now Thomas is adding his name to the hat, aiming for his compact size product to serve as a big time “daily reminder that [consumers] are capable of achieving anything they set their minds to.” 

XYKO is a word we created which means “the underlying desire to GO”. Each time our customers reach for their Freedom Wallet, we want it to serve as a powerful reminder to live each day intentionally, pursue their passions, and go after the things that make them feel most alive, therefore creating the sense of freedom we're all hoping to find,” Thomas told Because Of Them We Can.

While the wallet is perfect for dads, it’s also a great gift for anyone looking to upgrade their wallet portfolio and XYKO offers the option to add an inspiring card message to each purchase.

To purchase your XYKO Freedom Wallet, click here

Cover photo: New innovative minimalist wallet is hoping to inspire people to create the life they desire/Photo Courtesy of XYKO Freedom Wallet/XYKO