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Nebraska Teen Opens Rolled Ice Cream Shop In North Omaha

Nebraska Teen Opens Rolled Ice Cream Shop In North Omaha

He’s still in high school!

A Nebraska teen has opened his own rolled ice cream shop in North Omaha, WLBT reports. 

a’Ron Burns is a 17-year-old high school student in Omaha, Nebraska. Recently, he added a few more titles to his resume including entrepreneur and business owner. This week, a’Ron opened Roll-N-Sweetz, a new concept ice cream shop that he hopes will create community in North Omaha and serve as a safe space during the summer. 

"We are not just for ice cream, but also to be a place for people to come and feel safe at. I think a safe place in North Omaha was bound. It was needed because in our streets, in our communities, we really don’t have it," a’Ron explained. 

The teen originally wanted to pursue a career in criminal justice, finding his passion in entrepreneurship along the way. Once he discovered his passion for ice cream, he began pitching to investors, even leaving lunch during his junior year to head to the parking lot of his school and begin calling potential investors. He landed a solid investment for his new business from Alexis Burns, his mom. 

"He’s always been determined. And when he’s determined to do something, I allow him to do it even if he has to make a mistake or if he has to bump his head on if it doesn’t work out. I still allow my kids to do what they want to do," said Burns. 

This isn’t a’Ron’s first business either, a previous e-commerce store didn’t quite pop but he continued on his entrepreneurship journey until he found an idea that stuck. Not only did his mom make a financial commitment, opening the business under the family’s Burns Family LLC where a’Ron is the president, but she also helps to operate the store day to day. Burns hopes her commitment will further propel her son to stick with his dreams. 

"Me investing and contributing and actually showing him, ‘Hey I’m quitting my job, I’m cashing in on my 401k, I’m giving this my all. Because this is a dream that you want. And I believe in you. I’m gonna trust you to do the right thing," said Burns. 


a’Ron is looking forward to a fruitful summer of ice-cream sales and hopes to use entrepreneurship as a way to connect with people, help them, and provide some joy and happiness. His goal is to one day see Roll-N-Sweetz in locations across the country. 

"With entrepreneurship, I can provide jobs, I can provide peace, I can provide comfort. And with ice cream, it’s also an emotional support food. So, it also would help me connect to people who are going through things I might not know, but the ice cream might help," he said. 

Congratulations, a’Ron! The sky is the limit!

Photos Courtesy of Eileen T. Meslar/The World-Herald