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Mom Teams Up With 9yo Daughter To Create Cool Collection Of Back-To-School Items

Mom Teams Up With 9yo Daughter To Create Cool Collection Of Back-To-School Items

They’re making sure Black children are represented!

A mom has teamed up with her 9-year-old daughter to create a cool collection of back-to-school items, BlackNews reports. 

Chrishonda Benson is the brains behind Pretty Dope Society, a company she founded in 2020 with the goal of creating merchandise out of Black art that enhances Black representation in the retail space. Recently, Benson partnered with her 9-year-old daughter Mariah to create a new collection of back-to-school items curated with Black children in mind. 

“Far too often, Black families are left out of the narrative in the designs geared toward children. When you walk into many big department stores around the back-to-school season, it’s rare for Black children to see themselves portrayed in the product designs,” explained Benson. 

That’s why she thought her daughter was the perfect business partner for the company’s new offering. Not only is Mariah helping her mom create products for Black children, by a Black child, but she’s also making sure Benson is keenly aware of what products would be attractive to a younger demographic.  




Included in the latest collection are bookbags, lunch boxes, pencil pouches, and more, all featuring designs of Black children. The goal is to center Black children on these products so young kids can see themselves represented in the items they buy, giving them a boost of self-confidence as they return to school. 

While there has traditionally been a dearth of Black representation in children’s items, the tides are changing, and more companies are following the Pretty Dope Society model, curating more inclusive products. As for Benson, she and her daughter have devoted 100% of their company’s focus to ensuring Black families will always have unique products available for their children year-round. 

To purchase your back-to-school items, visit Pretty Dope Society. 

Photo Courtesy of Pretty Dope Society/BlackNews