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This Mississippi Family Is Recreating Black Wall Street With 7-Figure Real Estate Deal

This Mississippi Family Is Recreating Black Wall Street With 7-Figure Real Estate Deal

It’s a family business!

Tony A. Reimonenq Jr., his wife and three sons are the owners of the real estate firm Reimonenq & Co LLC. Tony has over 20 years in the business, but his latest deal will be his biggest one yet!

Three years ago, Tony came across a property he couldn’t pass up. After overcoming difficult negotiations and denied loan requests, he was finally able to close a seven-figure deal, making him the owner of a 20-unit strip mall in the Oak Grove community of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, which will be renamed Greenwood Plaza. With this purchase, they plan on recreating Tulsa, Oklahoma’s historic Black Wall Street! It’s the second major commercial expansion of the real estate firm and makes this family part of the 3% of African-Americans to have independently brokered a million-dollar deal. 


Tony said in an interview, “I’ve always had a heart to help others succeed, but to do that, I first had to succeed. I want to empower the people at the bottom of the pyramid who just need an opportunity. They aren’t lazy. They work hard but just haven’t learned how to win yet. I know how and want to link up with them to be a part of helping to not only change the trajectory of their lives and the lives of their families but of our communities as a whole. I see it as a civic duty.”



Greenwood Plaza will include affordable options for business owners and have a focus on uplifting the Black community economically. Many people are rooting for them, such as owner of Charlie’s Trophy Shop, Brandon Lee, who’s excited to see this property grow and expand. 


Lee said in a statement, “We do a lot of work for schools, and it’s a good reminder for those students that they are working hard,” said Lee.


“Several times it looked like it wasn’t going to happen, and other times it looked like we were off to the races,” Tony said. Now this family has quite the testimony to tell! 


Congratulations, Reimonenq family!


Photo: Tony A. Reimonenq Jr