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Memphis Teen Receives More Than $8 Million In Scholarship Offers

Memphis Teen Receives More Than $8 Million In Scholarship Offers

Talk about an overachiever!

A Memphis teen received more than $8 million in scholarship offers, ABC24 Memphis News reports.

Xzorion Harris is a senior at Whitehaven High School in Memphis, Tennessee. Like most students at Whitehaven, Xzorion is used to excelling, Whitehaven seniors receiving a total of nearly $50 million in scholarship offers so far this year. Senior English teacher and Dual Enrollment Specialist Akita Banger Gray says the school likes to set up their students in this way so they are not limited in their secondary education options after graduation. 

“No stone goes unturned, so they have so many opportunities right there at their fingertips. They don’t have to settle for anything. Their destiny is right there at the palm of their hands, so they get to choose. They have options,” Banger Gray explained. 

Xzorion was one of those to take advantage of his options, receiving more than $8 million in scholarship offers from over 100 schools, an accomplishment he says he too was surprised by. 

“It… surprise[d] me because I didn’t expect a Black kid from Memphis to get stuff like that. I think it says a lot about me. I’m proud of myself. It shows that I’m a dedicated hardworking person,” the teen said. 

Currently, Xzorion is one of 46 Whitehaven seniors to receive more than $1 million in scholarships, ranking 5th highest in amount of scholarship offers in Whitehaven student history and receiving the largest amount of any other male student. 

“For most of our students, it’s the expectation, so it’s not surprising. When you go as far as Xzorion has gone, it’s mind-blowing,” said Banger Gray. 

Professional School Counselor Lisa Fletcher echoed those sentiments, saying she’s proud of all the students, calling them “resilient [and] motivated.” Fletcher says Xzorion’s accomplishment is a reminder to his peers to never give up. 

“Do not quit. Whatever your dreams are, whatever your goal may be, do not quit. Don’t give up on yourselves. We didn’t count you out, so don’t you count yourself out,” said Fletcher. 

After graduation, Xzorion plans to head off to Tuskegee University, choosing the Alabama college “because it’s an HBCU and they have a good engineering program.” The teen wants to encourage others inspired by his story to be the best that they can be. 

“Being dedicated, you have to not only do it, but do it at the best you can do and be the best that you can be. Put in your full effort into whatever you’re doing,” he said. 

Congratulations, Xzorion! 

Photo Courtesy of ABC24 Memphis News