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Meet The Texas Scholar Who Just Graduated From High School At 14 Years Old

Meet The Texas Scholar Who Just Graduated From High School At 14 Years Old

She’s ready for the next chapter!

Bawo Bodunrin said she always knew her daughter Oforitsenere Bodunrin was exceptional, Live 5 News reports. 

“It was some traits that we saw that was really different. The way she works. Normally you would say the sky is the limit. For her, the sky is the beginning,” said Bondunrin. 

Oforitsenere was reading by the age of 2. By 4 years old, she knew multiplication, and it just continued from there. A student at Martin High School in Arlington, Texas, Oforitsenere was very active in school, even outside of academics, earning a second-degree black belt and becoming editor of the school paper. 

“It’s a lot. It’s a lot of work,” the teen admitted. 

Now she has graduated high school at just 14 years old, something Oforitsenere says might be unbelievable to some but is actually very normal in her family. 

“Whenever people ask me, ‘So how is this? Is this so strange for you?’ Like, not really,” the graduate said. 

You see, Oforitsenere’s sister also graduated high school at the age of 14, mapping out the path for her little sister to follow. 

“She mirrored her sister. So, everything her sister was doing, she wanted to do as well,” her mom explained. 

Oforitsenere credits her family with helping to push her and get her to this point. 

“My family has encouraged me. I may not be the best at first, but I can definitely try,” she said. 

Now that the teen has graduated, she’s ready for the next phase. Oforitsenere has plans to attend the University of Texas-Arlington this fall, majoring in computer science and aviation. Her dream is to have her career take her around the world someday. 

“Maybe if I can work in a different country with my degree, that’ll be nice,” she told reporters.

Congratulations Oforitsenere!

Meet the Texas scholar who just graduated from high school at 14 years old/(l to r) Mom Bawo Bodunrin and daughter Oforitsenere Bodunrin/Photo Courtesy of CBS News Texas