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Meet The Teen Set To Graduate From The University of Alabama At Just 16-Years-Old

Meet The Teen Set To Graduate From The University of Alabama At Just 16-Years-Old

Then she’s off to medical school!

16-year-old Leanna Roberts is like most teens her age, except she’s set to graduate from college this weekend, Atlanta News First reports. Leanna will receive her bachelor’s degree in biology from The University of Alabama. She credits the school administration with supporting her through this journey by ensuring she had mentorship and access to resources. She also managed to find time to stay active outside of her academics.

“I’m on the Society of Women in Medicine executive board, Vision Days program ambassador as well as a mentor. I also perform research in health disparities with Black-built communities,” she explained. 

While some may think she’s too young, Leanna said her age has nothing to do with her capabilities. For her, the thing that has kept her on the right track is remembering to maintain a healthy balance. 

“The name of the game has definitely been balance. Balancing extracurricular activities as well as remaining vigilant in the classroom has helped me succeed so far,” said Leanna. 

While her journey has been transformative and she’s made her parents proud, they both agree that they had some trepidation about sending their daughter to college at such a young age. 

“I wanted to make sure it was going to be a safe environment for her, and we wouldn’t have to worry,” said Leanna’s father, Lee Roberts. 

The school was able to support her, ensuring she had the necessary resources to thrive at her age. Her mother said the best part has been hearing about her daughter's adventures while at school.

“I was always excited to hear about her day. Every day was unique, even though certain days were more challenging than others, but she always saw the bright side,” said Latonya Roberts, Leanna’s mom. 

Now the teen is set to graduate this weekend, earning more than a dozen honors for her work. Leanna has already begun taking MBA classes with plans to finish her master’s next year. After that, she’s off to medical school where she’ll be studying orthopedics. Leanna considers herself favored and is grateful to be where she’s at. 

“Just being in the position to be where I am is a huge blessing,” she said. 

Congratulations Leanna! 

Cover photo: Meet the teen set to graduate from The University of Alabama at just 16-years-old/Photo Courtesy of WVTM