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Meet Joseph Adetola, the Meditation Leader Teaching Mindfulness at Detention Centers

Meet Joseph Adetola, the Meditation Leader Teaching Mindfulness at Detention Centers

Good vibes only!

This meditation leader is traveling to detention centers to teach young people the power of meditation and mindfulness.

Baltimore-native Joseph “Zentola” Adetola is a mediation leader and artist who is on a journey to keep low vibrations out and you at peace. His podcast, A Moment of ZENTOLA, explores different guided meditations and engages in enlightening conversations about manifestation and positive energy. He’s an author; he wrote Zenergy Me Journal: Mindful Exercises to Manifest Energy to help elevate your consciousness and help keep the fire within you burning. He also created the “I AM Pledge'' Affirmation Wall Gem, which is used in over 25 schools! 

His latest mission is traveling to local detention centers to help juveniles in Baltimore ground themselves and walk a mindful path of life. He recently visited an all-male detention center, Charles H. Hickey Jr. School, to lead a sound bath and guided meditation for students and staff. He also had the opportunity to go to the all-female detention facility, Thomas J.S. Waxter Children's Center. Assistant Superintendent Trina Lyles stated she saw a change within the young women of the facility and how they articulated their feelings.




Zentola told TSR, "Meditation and sound healing are powerful tools to help reduce tension, stress and anxiety. I remember visiting my older brother at this same facility for family day many years ago. I come back and work with the youth in his memory and honor, teaching them how to tap in and align their energy because they're powerful. I share tools that have helped me navigate along the way and changed my life.” These moments are special for Zentola, they allow him the chance to spread good energy, introduce self-love, and show up for his community.


Stay positive everyone!

Photo: Zentola