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Meet The 9-Year-Old Tech Wizard Teaching Computer Hacks On Tik-Tok

Meet The 9-Year-Old Tech Wizard Teaching Computer Hacks On Tik-Tok

We could all learn a thing or two!

9-year-old Elvis Muchiri is a native of Kenya who decided to begin posting on TikTok just this past March, People of Color in Tech reports. A bit of a tech enthusiast, Elvis started uploading content teaching people how to use keyboard shortcuts alongside his little sister Megan. 

“Hi guys, welcome to Evolve with Elvis,” Megan waves and introduces her brother before Elvis begins his lesson for the day. 

Quite remarkable, Elvis’ videos quickly gained traction with users and already he has amassed more than 125,000 followers and 1.7 million likes on TikTok alone. On YouTube, he’s reached nearly 9,000 subscribers already. 

His hacks range in difficulty from Windows shortcuts like Ctrl + T being used to open a new tab in an internet browser, to teaching hacks like what the ALT and F keys do on a computer while slipping in a few Swahili lessons for his followers. 


Some of his loyal learners have already taken to social media to spread the word on all they’re learning from Elvis, many appreciating his humor and banter as well. 

“Elvis, how do I buy a computer?,” one TikTok user asked. 

“Money has to be involved no shortcut for this,” Elvis jokingly replied. 

Soon, his followers realized that the young tech aficionado was using an outdated browser, donating $600 to the young educator to upgrade his Windows 2007 device so he could teach more hacks and tips. That one generous donation has now spurred a fundraising page on M-Changa Africa, launched by Elvis’ father Francis Muchiri.



@evolvewithelvis #keyboardsymbols keyboardshortcuts #microsoft #windowsxp #widowsoftiktok #computerliteracy #mycomputer #tembeakenya ♬ original sound - Elvolve with Elvis

Already, they have raised over $1,100 to begin setting up a technology institution in Nairobi, Kenya, supporting local schools and youth centers. But now Muchiri hopes to expand their imprint, looking to raise about $70,000 USD to help more of the country through technology and state-of-the-art training in even the most remote parts. According to a 2021 report, only 58% of Kenyans have access to the internet, with only 29% of those reporting a basic understanding of digital literacy, something Muchiri and his son Elvis hope to change. 

“It is no doubt that computer literacy and specifically artificial intelligence is transforming people’s lives in all sectors around the world and Kenya is keeping up well. This is evident by tutorials that have recently surfaced in the internet dubbed Evolve with Elvis presented by a 9yr old Elvis who hails from Kenya, Africa. Evolve with Elvis is currently teaching us keyboard shortcuts only but with your support we can raise the bar to higher heights. We therefore feel the need to extend the same knowledge and more to the remotest parts of our Country Kenya and eventually the rest of Africa. From Nairobi to Lokichogio, from Kenya to war-torn [Libya],” a statement on the fundraising site reads. 

While Elvis is continuing his hacks on social media, he and his family are looking at the bigger picture and how his content can open the door to help so many more people in Kenya. Already the Kenyan government has committed to teaching coding in primary and secondary schools,  and President Biden recently committed $350 million through the Digital Transformation with Africa initiative to expand digital access and literacy on the continent. 

Elvis is now looking to do his part and be a small part of that change, continuing to teach his hacks across TikTok and YouTube while building in his community back home. To support Elvis’ efforts, click here, and be sure to follow him on social media. 

Meet the 9-year-old tech wizard teaching computer hacks on Tik-Tok/Photo Courtesy of @EvolveWithElvis/TikTok/People of Color in Tech