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Meet The 17-Year-Old Twin Sisters Headed To Harvard University

Meet The 17-Year-Old Twin Sisters Headed To Harvard University

Double the excellence!

Twin sisters Gianna and Tianna Tout-Puissant were born two months prematurely, and since birth, they have been fighting against the odds and persevering over the years, Black Enterprise reports. The two both attended Moravian Academy in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania where they developed their love of learning and honed in on their passions, becoming skilled varsity basketball players. While they, of course, have a lot of things in common, the duo also said they are very different in a way that compliments each other. 

“I know this sounds cheesy, but we’re very yin and yang. She says this crazy idea, and then I’m like, ‘OK, let’s think about the pros and cons of this before we do it.’ And then she gets me to step out of my comfort zone,” explained Tianna. 

That balance would carry them far, both girls recently graduating from Moravian with not one, but two acceptance letters to Harvard University, a feat of colossal proportions. According to research, Harvard reported a 3.4% acceptance rate for the class of 2027 out of 56, 937 applicants. The twins said while they’ve always dreamed of going to college together, to have both of them get into such a prestigious institution is still a shock. 

“We logged into our application portals at the exact same time, and then we read ‘Congratulations’ on each other’s screens, and then we just started all screaming. My mom was crying. It was crazy,” Gianna told reporters. 

The girls are hoping to join the Harvard women’s basketball team and will be majoring in chemistry on the pre-med track. Gianna has plans to become a cardiothoracic surgeon or neurosurgeon, and Tianna is also fascinated with neurosurgery. They both are interested in surgical procedures and exploring the benefits of pharmaceutical drugs, continuing to explore their love for chemistry which was developed in high school. 

“I think a lot of their peers thought it was just natural for them. But I had the real pleasure of seeing just how crazy hard they were working at it,” said the girls' high school chemistry teacher, Cole Wisdo. 

They plan to carry that work ethic to Harvard where although they may not share a bunk bed anymore, they will still share their close bond and continue to push one another towards greatness. The sisters say the moment is still “surreal” but they are anticipating getting to campus and joining Harvard’s community of “hardworking and out-of-the-box thinkers.” 

“We were really set on going to college together. And the fact that we were able to both get into such an amazing college was a dream come true,” said Gianna. 

“To see them and how they’ve blossomed into the young women they are today, it’s like they’re miracle babies,” said the twins’ mother, Leah Tout-Puissant. 

Congratulations Gianna and Tianna! This is only the beginning!

Cover photo: Meet the 17-year-old twin sisters headed to Harvard University/(l to r) Gianna & Tianna Tout-Puissant/Black Enterprise