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Marley Dias: 12-Year-Old Founder Of #1000BlackGirlBooks Gets A Scholastic Book Deal

Marley Dias: 12-Year-Old Founder Of #1000BlackGirlBooks Gets A Scholastic Book Deal

 Photo via: Elle Magazine

What could possibly be next for 12-year-old Marley Dias? She’s already collected over 1,000 books that depict Black girls as main characters. She’s already become a well-known advocate for diversity in literature. She’s already served as an Editor-in-Residence at She's already interviewed trailblazing women like Misty Copeland and Ava DuVernay. But, to answer the question, Marley's next big thing is publishing her own book with the Scholastic Publishing Company. 

Photo credit: Andrea Cipriani Mecchi

In it, Marley will discuss how she turned her passion for books into a movement that has sparked change in literacy and inspired people everywhere. She will also share tips on activism, inclusion, volunteerism, social justice, paying it forward, and turning dreams into a reality. The book is for ages 10 and up and is set to be released in the spring of 2018. Marley said of her new book deal:

"All my friends can probably only name one publishing house and that is Scholastic; they are everywhere. Scholastic is the perfect partner for spreading my message of diversity, inclusion and social action."

Congratulations, Marley! Thank you for showing young girls who look like you, how to embrace their Black girl magic and inspire the world.