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Magic Johnson Hosted Holiday Food Giveaway In His Hometown

Magic Johnson Hosted Holiday Food Giveaway In His Hometown

Earvin “Magic” Johnson continues to dedicate efforts towards the community. He’s committed $100 million in loans to support Black-owned businesses and invested in Black-owned health products

Now the former NBA star and business mogul is focused on combating food insecurity in Detroit. To kick off the Johnson’s Holiday Hope program, he paired with General Motors to provide turkeys, hams, personal care items, books, toys and much more to the community.  

Johnson told Detroit Free Press, “Everybody should be able to enjoy the holidays and feed their families. Sometimes it’s tough so we want to step in and make sure that they can have a good Thanksgiving as well as Christmas. A lot of times it's not even their fault that they're hurting, so we just want to make sure that we bless families at this time of need. And my heart feels so good to be home.”

Hundreds of cars arrived at Second Ebenezer Church this past Saturday ready to receive a blessing. One woman pulled up to see Magic Johnson with goods in hand awaiting his arrival. “You’re here!” she said. Johnson replied, “I told y'all I’d be here, baby.” 

48% of households in the city are dealing with food insecurity. Between this and inflation rates rising, everyday life has become increasingly more difficult. 62-year-old Michelee Taylor, who became the sole guardian of five grandchildren after her daughter passed away, was in tears when leaving. 

“I’m doing the best I can. I greatly appreciate it. It’s just beautiful, people getting together and doing stuff for people like me. I can put the sadness behind me,” Taylor said. “All I want [my grandchildren] to do is be happy, just be happy. We’ll make do with what we got.”

Thank you for your efforts, Mr. Johnson!

Photo: Detroit Free Press/ Nick Ut/ AP