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Los Angeles Father Gifts Son 40 Acres Of Land For His 13th Birthday

Los Angeles Father Gifts Son 40 Acres Of Land For His 13th Birthday

A gift that will last forever!

Faheem Muhammed is the co-founder of a real estate investment firm, learning the importance of owning his own property and giving back to his community from his mother Aminah Muhammad, CBS8 reports. When his son was turning 13 this past March 16th, Muhammad decided he would follow in his mother’s footsteps and pass down something he could have forever. 

“I thought it would be a great opportunity to teach him a life lesson about the land,” Muhammed explained. 

That’s when the Los Angeles father decided to gift his son 40 acres that he had purchased in 2021, a plot of land in San Diego, California with endless possibilities and the space to create whatever his heart desired. 

“We see clear space, where we can uninterruptedly enjoy nature, especially growing up in a congested city like L.A. when we are out here it’s totally different,” Muhammed told reporters. 

His son was ecstatic at the opportunity to own his own land, with his father equally proud to have given him the gift of generational wealth. Right now, his son envisions camping grounds and space for outdoor activities, but he’s also open to expanding what it may look like as he gets older. The good thing is, he has forever to figure it out. 

“You could build, like, ATVs around the whole thing. Build a zip line from the mountain,” his son explained. 

Muhammed hopes to teach other children the importance of land ownership as well, partnering with his mom’s Rites of Passage camp that she’s run in LA for years. Now, they get to bring the inner city youth to their own property, recently having hosted their first group on the new land. When asked how the first camp hosting went, the family was filled with excitement, all responding together. 

“Amazing! It was fun! You get a full view of the stars! There’s not city lights out here. Seeing all the stars. Yeah, all the stars. It’s really beautiful,” they told reporters.

Congratulations family! Keep setting the bar high!

Cover photo: Los Angeles father gifts son 40 acres of land for his 13th birthday/Photo Courtesy of Faheem Muhammad/