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Award-Winning Actress Kerry Washington Is Releasing Her Memoir This Fall

Award-Winning Actress Kerry Washington Is Releasing Her Memoir This Fall

The actress, director, producer and activist is telling her story her way in Thicker Than Water, Essence reports. 

This past Tuesday, Kerry Washington celebrated her 45th birthday by making a special announcement. The Golden Globe Award-winning actress announced that she's working on a special story that’s very personal to her: a memoir. Thicker Than Water will give its readers an "intimate view into both her public and private worlds — as an artist, an advocate, an entrepreneur, a mother, a daughter, a wife, a Black woman."

Washington told PEOPLE, “Writing a memoir is, by far, the most deeply personal project I have ever taken on. I hope that readers will receive it with open hearts and I pray that it offers new insights and perspectives and invites people into deeper compassion — for themselves and others.”

VP and Publisher of Little, Brown Spark Tracy Behar said, “So many of us have been captivated by her work, both on and off screen, but few have the full picture of all it took to get there. A brilliant and gifted storyteller, Kerry brings her considerable talents to the page to give readers a deeply personal account of her journey, highlighting all the forces that have shaped her life and career."

Thicker Than Water will be published by Little, Brown Spark and released on September 26, 2023. We can't wait to read it! 

Photo: MSNBC/ Kevin Winter/Getty