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Kelis Teams Up With Popular D.C. Seasoning Brand, The Spice Suite, To Bring You Custom Flavors

Kelis Teams Up With Popular D.C. Seasoning Brand, The Spice Suite, To Bring You Custom Flavors

Now we’re cooking!

Kelis’ Bounty & Full is partnering with Angel Gregario’s The Spice Suite, to bring you custom spice boxes filled with irresistible flavors, Essence reports. 

Gregario started The Spice Suite 5 years ago on a whim after walking past a Washington, D.C. retail space that was for sale. An avid cook working as an assistant principal, she thought it was the perfect opportunity to fulfill her dreams of becoming a full time entrepreneur. The Spice Suite quickly grew, garnering a cult-like following of foodies who wanted to try new seasonings and followers who wanted to see what meals Gregario would cook on social media daily. She now carries over 100 spice blends sourced from around the globe along with syrups, vinegars, hot sauces, and her signature cast iron skillet and “food is fashion” plates. 

The Spice Suite is for cooks, what candy is for kids. And the highlight of it all is Gregario’s wildly popular monthly spice boxes. Every month, The Spice Suite releases a limited amount of boxes featuring various spice mixes that are never duplicated. Avid followers wait patiently for the new box to be released and as soon as it drops, it's gone, usually selling out within the first five minutes. For folks who miss out, the only way to get the seasonings is to travel to her store in Washington, D.C. and get them yourself. 

Photo Courtesy of @thespicesuite/Instagram

That’s why Gregario's new collaboration with Kelis is so exciting. The artist turned food entrepreneur is the owner of Bounty & Full, a line of organically sourced sauces featuring robust flavors like cranberry mandarin jam and pineapple saffron glaze. A “classically trained French culinary saucier,” Kelis personally picks each ingredient to ensure flavor fidelity and leave you wanting more. She stumbled upon Gregario’s Instagram page and became a follower, and said the eventual partnership “just made sense.”

“Kelis found me on Instagram, we were DMing, and then we got on the call and just vibed. We talked through a collaboration box together [and] what we were going to put in it,” Gregario said of the partnership. 

The two went live this week to discuss the partnership, admitting that it was the first of its kind for both of them. “For me it will be great because I get to mix up my boxes. So this is perfect because I get to include something else in this box, something that is artfully and beautifully made, that compliments my products but is also very different from what I do,” Gregario told viewers. 

Kelis echoed her sentiments, saying, “In doing this whole process with [Angel], it inspired me and it got me so excited. I love the fact that it just got me thinking different and [wanting] to do different stuff. It kind of feels like a taste of the world. It feels so good.”

The Howard alum said she’s excited to release the box, especially during this time where everyone is quarantined and looking to do something more with their meals. “My tribe of customers have been relentless in their support of me and The Spice Suite. It’s been absolutely amazing. And fortunately, this is a time where everybody’s at home having to cook way more than they wanted to,” Gregario said. 

The collab box drops this July. To get your hands on a box, follow The Spice Suite on Instagram or sign up for their newsletter on the site.

We cannot wait! Congratulations ladies!

Photo Courtesy of @thespicesuite/Instagram