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James Manyika Becomes Google's First Head of Tech and Society

James Manyika Becomes Google's First Head of Tech and Society

He’s a pioneer in the tech sector!

James Manyika is making history as Google’s first head of Tech and Society, Protocol reports. 

Manyika is the head of McKinsey Global Institute, an organization focused on understanding “the global economy through the economic impact of tech, productivity, labor markets and other topics.” Now, Manyika has been tapped by Google to become the company’s very first Senior Vice President of Technology and Society. 

The role is a new one for Google and one not typically seen at large technology companies. Normally, the role is more philanthropic in nature like Microsoft’s global head of Tech for Social Impact or Twitter’s head of Social Impact and Public Policy. However, Manyika will be embedded in the company, focused specifically on taking a large examination at how technology created at the company is impacting people’s daily lives. Manyika will report directly to Sundar Pichai, the chief executive officer at Google.

“I’m thrilled that James Manyika will be joining Google’s leadership team. He’s spent decades working at the intersection of technology and society and has advised a number of businesses, academic institutions and governments along the way,” said Pichai. 

Manyika will be responsible for “shaping and sharing” Google’s view on tech and its impact on the society, economy and the planet with a focus on the future of work, sustainability and the impact of Artificial Intelligence. 

Congratulations James!

Photo Courtesy of Google