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Jalen Hurts Becomes Third Quarterback In NFL History To Ink A Deal With Jordan

Jalen Hurts Becomes Third Quarterback In NFL History To Ink A Deal With Jordan

He just keeps winning!

Jalen Hurts is a shooting star, bursting onto the scene as a Super Bowl winning quarterback with the Philadelphia Eagles and one of the highest paid players in NFL history. Considered the new "Fresh Prince" of Philly, Hurts has maintained that all of his success is only the beginning of what he can do. Now the Eagles star has inked a deal with Air Jordan, becoming the third quarterback in NFL history to do so, Andscape reports. 

“I’m excited and thankful to join the Jordan Brand. I share a lot of important qualities with the Jumpman: dedication to goals, commitment to excellence and values, and an unwavering sense of self-belief that not only drives me but inspires me to make an impact for the next generation,” said Hurts. 

The star quarterback has been wearing the Jumpman logo on his cleats, donning them for all 18 games and during the Superbowl in the 2022 NFL season. He now starts the 2023 season officially endorsed by Jordan Brand, becoming the latest NFL player who have inked deals with the popular brand since Randy Moss became the first Jordan endorsed football player in 1999. Moss’ deal paved the way for other African American football players including Donovan McNabb, Daunte Culpepper, Michael Vick, Dwayne Haskins and Dak Prescott. Today, Moss remains the only NFL player to receive a Jordan signature shoe. 

Hurts will officially endorse the brand alongside a dozen other NFL players, one of only three quarterbacks to rep the Jumpman brand. Sarah Mensah, the first Black woman to become Jordan Brand president, said she’s ecstatic to have Hurts as a part of the Jordan family. 

“It takes a special type of athlete to be a part of the Jordan Brand, so we’re thrilled to welcome Jalen to the family. On the field, Jalen’s commitment to excellence shines. But perhaps even more impactful is what he personally embodies. Jalen understands the importance of believing in yourself and staying dedicated to your passions. He empowers all of us to help one another rise. That characteristic and commitment is one of the hallmarks of the Jordan Brand, and is what makes Jalen a perfect fit for our team,” said Mensah. 

Congratulations Jalen!

Cover photo: Jalen Hurts becomes third quarterback in NFL history to ink a deal with Jordan/Photo Courtesy of Jordan Brand