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How This Couple Paid Off $162,000 Of Debt In Less Than Three Years

How This Couple Paid Off $162,000 Of Debt In Less Than Three Years


Photo via: @herown_a 

Over the weekend, this Minneapolis couple took to social media to announce that they reached their goal of paying off nearly $162,000 worth of debt. Read the full story below about how the husband and wife duo became completely debt free in less than three years. 

"THE END IS HERE!!! Today, March 10th, 2018 @djbanke and I are officially DEBT FREE!!

34 months after embarking on the journey to free ourselves from DEBT, we have completely paid off all $161,842.29 of our debt and are finally DEBT FREE!!!! Our debt included, student loans, loans for our cars and our credit cards. We started this journey because we realized if we sacrificed for a short period of time, we would never have to sacrifice again. If we could tell our money where to go, rather than wondering where it went, we could create a bright future for ourselves. Most importantly, we embarked on this journey because we realized that we could place ourselves in a position to be a blessing to our family, that have sacrificed so much for us.

Throwing thousands of dollars a month at debt, declining invites from friends and family, driving a mediocre car, and some of the other sacrifices we had to make took a bit of getting use to. However, it was worth every sacrifice to watch what was once a dream of being debt free become a reality. - Most common question through this process was how: The honest answer is SACRIFICE and DISCIPLINE. We lived well below our means (we lived on 33% of my husband's income, and put the remaining plus ALL of my income toward our debt) and delayed on the things we wanted and only focused on what we needed.

The second factor that was important for achieving this goal was the power of US. We embarked on this journey while we were still engaged with the clear understanding that there was no "your loan vs. my loan." It was OUR DEBT. When two people come together with a common goal, there is no limit to what they can achieve.

So why share something so personal to the public? The same reason we started the YouTube channel that we've used to bring you along on the journey. So many people have given up on the idea that living debt free is attainable. We wanted to be a source encouragement and a resource to those with debt and those working on becoming debt free. You, too, can turn your #DEBTFREE dream into a reality!"-Heron Abegaze 

Can we say real relationship goals?! Congratulations to the both of you!