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H.S. Junior Jahmir Smith Already Has 33 Full Ride Offers To College

H.S. Junior Jahmir Smith Already Has 33 Full Ride Offers To College

17-year-old Jahmir Smith is bringing a whole new meaning to the phrase student-athlete. 

In the classroom, Jahmir, an honor student at Lee County High School in Sanford, North Carolina, has earned an impressive 4.43 GPA and enough credits to graduate high school early. This past football season, he rushed over 2,000 yards and scored 41 touchdowns, which landed him in the record books of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association. 

Colleges from across the nation have taken notice - 33 to be exact. As of now, Jahmir has received 33 academic and athletic scholarship offers. Mind you, he hasn't even started his senior year of high school yet. After he received his first offer in December from East Carolina University, the full ride offers "started rolling in", Jahmir said. He has even received full ride offers from all eight Ivy League schools. 

Jahmir could accept one of those offers now, but he's choosing to take time to weigh his options and experience his senior year of high school. 

So far, Jahmir has visited nine campuses, and with a love for math and science, may pursue a career as an anesthesiologist. But for right now, Jahmir, who's` also a role model to his 8-year-old brother and other younger children, is looking forward to spring training and enjoying his junior prom. 

Keep your eyes out for Jahmir Smith! He's got a bright future!