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Georgia Herbalist Purchases 87 Acres Of Land To Launch A Farm And Ecovillage

Georgia Herbalist Purchases 87 Acres Of Land To Launch A Farm And Ecovillage

She’s been working on the purchase for more than 2 years!

A Georgia herbalist has purchased 87 acres of land to launch her own farm and ecovillage.

Abril Giles is the owner of Beauty Herbs and Tea, an online shop that sells tea, merchandise, and classes from trained herbalists. In addition to her formulated herbs designed to balance the mind, body, and spirit, Giles has also recently launched a new herbal retreat that allows attendees to vacation in luxury while receiving information about indigenous herbalism and culture. 

Giles began farming just a couple of years ago, enrolling in local farmer training programs that allowed her to learn the intricacies of becoming a farm owner. Shortly after, she began Beauty Herbs and Tea, subsequently launching The Tea Business School where she has assisted hundreds with launching similar herbal businesses. Recently, Giles purchased 87 acres of land to expand her operations and launch her own farm and ecovillage “with the goal [of helping] people learn how to grow food, live sustainably, and learn how to identify and cultivate herbs,” a GoFundMe for the farm reads. 

Giles took to social media to share the great news and what’s to come for followers of her journey. 

“I BOUGHT A FARM Y'ALL!!!... It has been beyond stressful to say the least. If you follow my farming page…you know firsthand how stressful this process has been. But I can definitely say that it was worth it!!! I am now a proud owner of 87 ACRES OF LAND,” she wrote.  


The UNI-TEA Farms & Ecovillage will offer ethically sourced herbs as well as retreats and in-person herbal and farming courses. Currently, Giles has partnered with Seals Family Farm to manage the farm and the two have launched a GoFundMe to assist with purchasing farm supplies, building infrastructure, clearing the land, building campsites for individuals and families, and general maintenance. 

With all Giles has accomplished in her two short years since becoming a farmer, there is no doubt that she’ll have this new farm up and running in no time. She has also already found ways to pay it forward, offering an upcoming course to teach others how to buy land that has already amassed a waitlist. 

“I’ve been documenting my land buying & farming journey every step of the way with the hopes to share everything I’ve learned & help others acquire land & become farmers. I will be releasing a series of courses helping you buy land, start a farm, become a farmer, and make money from your land,” Giles shared on social media.  




To donate to Giles GoFundMe and support her endeavors, click here. 


Photo Courtesy of The Girly Black Farmer/Instagram