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Former NFL Player Ryan Mundy Launched a Wellness Platform After Experiencing Depression Post-Injury

Former NFL Player Ryan Mundy Launched a Wellness Platform After Experiencing Depression Post-Injury

He’s creating generational health!

Ryan Mundy starting his career playing for his hometown team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, where he won a super bowl. Playing eight seasons in the NFL, he also played for the New York Giants and the Chicago Bears. After becoming injured in 2015, his world changed; the chances of him playing football again were very slim. A year later, he retired from the NFL, causing him to battle with depression and anxiety.

In an interview with Essence, Mundy said, “I was physically hurt, and I was emotionally hurt, and so I left the game wounded. I’ve always been a football player. It’s done so much for me. It has been my life. I left the game so, so hurt, and I was mad and upset, and jaded. That initial transition out was not good for me on multiple levels, and it really kind of set the course for how I got here today.”

To combat the decline in his mental health, he set out on a path of self-improvement, trying meditation rituals, psychotherapy, and other homeopathic practices. After being inspired by a book, The Alchemist, he decided to launch an online community. Alkeme Health is a resource for Black people who need help with mental wellness. With this program, you’ll have access to a therapist and expert-led well-being courses, guided meditation, and livestream sessions curated to the Black experience. 

Recently, his company partnered with McDonald's to provide a mental health course for HBCU students. Students who receive the 2023 McDonald’s Black & Positively Golden Scholars scholarship will also get a free subscription to Alkeme Gold for one year.



“It’s important to build a community of culturally competent practitioners who truly understand and represent the Black experience to best support the needs of Black students. We want to empower our community to be the best and highest versions of themselves, and that is why we are honored to partner with McDonald’s to help remove mental health barriers for HBCU students and provide resources to inspire wellness," Mundy said. 


While searching for a piece to make him better, the former football player found something that made him whole. He’s looking to give back to his community and be the helping hand that he needed years ago to others facing similar challenges. “I’m never going to stop being an athlete, but I’m more than that now. That doesn’t dominate my life anymore. And it’s a scary proposition, but it’s a beautiful one.”


You can get your daily dose of healing on the go with the app or on Instagram

We’re proud of you Mr. Mundy!