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Former NBA Star Baron Davis Drops First ‘Black Santa’ Holiday NFT Collection

Former NBA Star Baron Davis Drops First ‘Black Santa’ Holiday NFT Collection

He’s bringing diversity to the crypto world!

Former NBA star Baron Davis drops the first “Black Santa” holiday NFT collection, Black Enterprise reports. 

To commemorate the holiday season, Baron Davis, a former NBA star turned investor, has partnered with to release the first “Black Santa: Giving Has No Season” NFT collection. Davis is the founder of Black Santa Co., a company dedicated to celebrating diversity in storytelling through a character-focused lens. Not only has Davis created the Black Santa and Cecilia (Mrs. Claus), there are a whole host of characters under the umbrella that he uses to provide philanthropic support for a number of causes and organizations. 

Davis says he was first inspired to create the company after dressing up as Santa Clause one Halloween. The positive reactions he received made him realize that he could use Santa as a way to inspire people and create original content. 

“My vision for Black Santa was to give children a magical world of untold possibilities filled with enchantment, adventure, and positive characters of color while imparting the importance of giving year-round,” said Davis. 

Now he’s taken his inspiring collective and dropped them in the crypto world, bringing a dose of diversity to an emerging tech space. 

“NFTs offer a modern technology-driven platform for expanded Black Santa experiences for collectors and fans. With NFT, the Black Santa collectibles are not just possible - they truly capture the integrity and soul of the character,” Davis explained.   

The Black Santa NFT collection released this past December 17th, including a sale auction of Christmas Around the Globe Black Santa Ultra Rare NFTs, limited edition collectibles of Animated Snow Globe Super Rare NFTs, and the Ho Ho Hologram Rare NFTs, Black Santa Basketball Jersey Packs, and Snow Globe Wonderland NFTs

While the NFT space is still new to many, Davis believes it’s imperative for people, specifically African-American people, to take advantage of this burgeoning platform. Not only does he feel it’s necessary, but he feels like there’s a huge need for diversity in the crypto space. 

“There is a need because there is a huge void in this space of African American content and this new cultural shift in the demographics. There is not enough content representing the people from the millennials to the older generation. And really finding those things that connect both,” said Davis. 

A portion of the proceeds from the Black Santa NFT sale will be donated to the Los Angeles Urban League, the Black Economic Alliance and Money Matters for Youth. Another 25% of the proceeds will be donated to charities focused on financial literacy and supporting underserved communities. The charities that are chosen will be announced on Martin Luther King Day 2022. 

Photo Courtesy of Baron Davis/Black Enterprise