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First Official Portrait Of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

First Official Portrait Of Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson

She looks SUPREME!

The first official portrait of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson has been released just one day after she was confirmed to the Supreme Court as the first Black woman to ever sit on the highest court in the land

According to Ebony magazine, Lelanie Foster is the photographer behind Justice Jackson’s official first photo, sharing that she received the once in lifetime opportunity by way of her agent. In an exclusive interview with the magazine, Foster shared: 

"I was so ecstatic, floored, and shocked that I was even asked to capture Justice Brown Jackson. Especially because this came after me having just photographed the young Black women attending Harvard Law School, which is her alma mater. So, it is a very full circle moment..." 

The Bronx native also said she was honored to photograph this historic portrait, calling Justice Jackson’s confirmation “empowering.”

“For me, it’s just incredibly empowering. Anytime we see a Black woman, in front and in these kinds of situations, it becomes incredibly affirming. For us to see them recognized, celebrated and honored is beautiful. For me to be just a piece of that and to have spent that time with Justice Brown Jackson in this moment that celebrates her is so special. I feel like I, too, am seen and heard in this way for such a positive reason. It makes me reflect on how important this is for all Black women to see these moments exist. It’s encouraging,” said Foster. 

Jackson is photographed in a Black dress and blazer combo, sheer Black stockings and heels as she gazes off in the distance. Her signature glasses are in place along with a simple necklace and rings on both hands. The Queen & Slim photographer took the photos of Jackson in the White House. Propped behind the new Justice is a black backdrop.



The photo has already been shared on Instagram by Oprah and on Beyonce’s official website. Winfrey shared an excerpt from Mari Evans poem “I Am a Black Woman,” in the caption, saying the poem properly captured the essence of this defining moment. 

“I’m feeling great renewal today for the grit and grace of our new Supreme Court Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson,” wrote Winfrey. 

Congratulations again, Justice Jackson! Because of you, we can!

Photo Courtesy of LeLanie Foster/The White House