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Black Woman-Owned Tech Company ‘Urrgent Technology’ Announces Two New Digital Platforms

Black Woman-Owned Tech Company ‘Urrgent Technology’ Announces Two New Digital Platforms

Black tech magic!

A Black woman-owned tech company announces two new digital platforms, positioning itself as a contender in the big-tech market, PR Newswire reports. 

Urrgent Technology is an Atlanta-based business focused on tech solutions for commercial, nonprofit, and government organizations. Founder Shantell "Charisma" Graham has just announced two new offerings from the company; StoopUp, a free social networking app that allows users to build a digital "Neighborhood" by supporting things they love and being supported in return and This platform enables freelancers to market their skills for free. 

StoopUp offers users the opportunity to "post content, buy and sell, exchange ideas and network" by encouraging community building in real-time by transferring good vibes. The social site "was specifically engineered with marginalized users in mind," focusing on a human-driven experience with revenue sharing systems that plan to benefit the entire community. is seeking to create opportunities for people of color entering into the fast-paced gig economy. The niche is quality work at a fast-paced, allowing users to market their skills for free with the goal of getting jobs they can complete in three days or less. 

"Breaking into the big-tech market is difficult, to say the least. But breaking in as a woman of color has its own particular challenges. You have to start with a unique and innovative product, and that product has to include both heart and vision. StoopUp and are my answers," Graham said. 

The tech company focuses on uplifting marginalized communities and pushing people towards accruing economic wealth in the sector. These two new offerings are an extension of that mission, with Graham focused on a user-first model. 

"So many social media apps and freelancing platforms are just mining their users – treating them as nothing more than a monetized pool of advertising dollars and valuable data. That's not us. Our users are people – and we treat them as such," she said.

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Photo Courtesy of Shantell Charisma/Facebook