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Black Woman Author Releases New Line Of HBCU Themed Composition Notebooks

Black Woman Author Releases New Line Of HBCU Themed Composition Notebooks

Adding these to our list of must-have back to school items!

B.M. Hardin is an accomplished author who has published more than 30 books over the course of her career. A staunch advocate for increasing representation and diversity in all fields, Hardin has now paused her pen to release a line of Black stationary items, starting with Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)-themed composition notebooks, Black Enterprise reports. 

The recently released HBCU notebooks are designed to foster pride for students currently attending HBCUs or those who have graduated from the historically Black prestigious institutions. Focused on the HBCU student experience, the new notebooks feature 5 distinct themes and are just another form of HBCU paraphernalia that Hardin hopes to saturate the marketplace with. 

“I’m a Black woman and I love all things Black. I wanted to create something for current Black college students, alumni, and future HBCU students. Representation matters!,” said Hardin. 

The veteran writer says she believes that stationary products with Black faces will promote inclusivity and self-love among her target demographic, and maybe even help inspire more Black writers. In addition to the notebooks, she is also looking to create a line of coloring books and journals created specifically for the Black community. 

“The why is simple for me. Black people are thriving, and we deserve to see our faces on any and everything that matters. I intend to make sure this generation, and the generations to come, are able to look at journals, coloring books, and books and see people who look like them,” Hardin explained. 

Purchase your first collection of HBCU notebooks here.

Cover photo: Black woman author releases new line of HBCU themed composition notebooks/Photo Courtesy of B.M. Hardin/Amazon