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Black-Owned Butcher Shop Specializing in Farm-To-Table Food Opens In Queens

Black-Owned Butcher Shop Specializing in Farm-To-Table Food Opens In Queens

The shop has been years in the making!

A new Black-owned butcher shop specializing in farm-to-table food just opened in Queens, New York.

Abou Sow is the owner of Prince Abou’s Butchery in Queens. Sow got his first job in a butcher shop at the age of 13, working at a local halal slaughterhouse in Queens. There, Sow learned the ins and outs of the meat business, discovering where to source the best animals from, how to store the meat, prepare it, and more importantly, the importance of providing a quality product to customers. In 2018, Sow began branching off on his own, eventually launching Prince Abou’s Butchery in 2020.  


He started out selling his meat products to customers online, offering regular and luxury items for sale, from pasture-raised Thanksgiving turkeys to Peking duck, tomahawk steak giveaways, and everything in between. As his customer base grew, so did Sow’s business acumen, the entrepreneur adding things to his menu and forging partnerships with local chefs to offer recipes and sampling opportunities for interested buyers. 

Now the 27-year-old has opened his first storefront butcher shop in Queens, specializing in halal and pasture-raised farm-to-table food. Not only can you get your local meat from Prince Abou’s, but you can also pick up a variety of other items including locally sourced vegetables, sauces, seasonings, and beans. The butchery even carries fresh dog treats for pet owners. 




Sow has partnered with a variety of local farms and organizations, encouraging all who come into the butcher to support their local farmers. One of the staples of Sow’s butchery and the crux of what sets his shop apart is his commitment to fresh, not frozen, meat. It’s the only way for Sow and something he’s sticking beside. 

“Fresh Meat Only is not only our slogan, it’s everything we believe in. Meat that has been hand selected, harvested, butchered and provided to you all within just days of each other. We don’t even own a freezer,” Prince Abou’s Butchery captioned one post. 

Prince Abou’s Butchery is having its official grand opening on Saturday, August 6th at 8 pm. The shop is located at 32-88 Steinway Street in Queens and Sow is encouraging all to come out. Word is, there will be a selection of delicious burgers and BBQ chicken available.

Congratulations Abou! We’re rooting for you and definitely may have to make a trip!

Photos Courtesy of Prince Abou’s Butchery