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Dark & Lovely Is Launching a Scholarship Program for Black Women

Dark & Lovely Is Launching a Scholarship Program for Black Women

They’re setting the foundation for a new beginning!

Dark & Lovely announced their scholarship Building Beautiful Futures for Black Female College Students, NewsOne reports.  

Black hair is important; it’s our crown, protection, and even a creative vessel for some. Thanks to Black pioneer Madam C.J. Walker, we're able to continue creating products and practices that work best for Black hair. Take the students at FAMU for example; they created Watiki Hair Care in partnership with a major beauty company. We also learned about the family who created Young King Hair Care and the father and son who started a wig line! In 1972, the popular beauty brand Dark & Lovely came on the market as the first hair-dye product made specifically for African-American women. Their mission has always been to “offer quality innovations endorsed by the best African hair stylists to provide Professional Expertise and Inspiration for all.” For 50 years, they’ve continued to produce and distribute hair care products curated to people with textured hair. To celebrate all those years, the company is supporting their consumers academically, pairing with the College Gurl Foundation (CGF) and actress Storm Reid to start the Building Beautiful Futures scholarship program. This initiative is a four-year commitment to closing the opportunity gap. It’ll support young, Black women professionals through scholarships, career coaching opportunities, and mentorship.

According to ED Trust, there's a 15% gap between white and Black women who have degrees. Working Mother states 50% of Black women are thinking about changing careers over the next two years due to lack of mentorship. The American Association of University Women via CNBC stated that 22% of Black women have more student debt compared to their white counterparts. As a result, the Building Beautiful Futures program was created to turn these statistics around. 

Started in 2017, the CGF is a nonprofit organization based in Washington D.C. that’s committed to providing minority high school students from the metropolitan area with tools they’ll need for success. The goal is to empower these students with opportunities so they know generational wealth and economic stability is attainable. According to their website, 90% of CGF students are enrolled in college and have a 3.5 GPA. 

President of The College Gurl Foundation Jessica L. Brown stated, "The Dark & Lovely partnership is truly a dream come true! I am forever grateful for my journey of hard work and sacrifices as this opportunity is the definition of building a beautiful future. Together, we are championing for education and sprinkling our Black girl magic to close the opportunity gap for generations to come!"

Storm Reid is a 19-year-old actress who’s starred in groundbreaking films and series like A Wrinkle in Time, Don’t Let Go, and When They See Us. She currently attends University of Southern California, pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in the School of Dramatic Arts while minoring in African-American Studies. She stands as an ambassador for the scholarship program and is helping spread the word to women who qualify. 

“College is difficult enough, and worrying about how to pay for it doesn't make it any better. This scholarship is an opportunity to alleviate a part of that financial burden and help young, Black women work towards achieving their dreams," Reid said.

Along with a number of academic requirements, applicants must be “academically ambitious, leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs, and community volunteers.” Applications open November 30th. To learn more about this opportunity and how to apply, click here