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Angela Bassett Receives Honorary Degree From Alma Mater Yale University

Angela Bassett Receives Honorary Degree From Alma Mater Yale University

 Photo via: New Haven Register/AP Arnold Gold

The Queen Mother of Wakanda just received an honorary degree from her alma mater of Yale University. 

Angela Bassett obtained a Bachelor of Arts in African American Studies from Yale in 1980, and then three years later, in 1983, her Master of Fine Arts from the Yale School of Drama. She's now returned to the prestigious university as one of its 2018 honorary degree recipients, which included: Judea Pearl, Marilynne Robinson, Laura Mulvey, Frans de Waal, Willie Ruff, Dr. Richard P. Lifton, Elizabeth Alexander, Rowan Williams, and Neil deGrasse Tyson. 

She received the honor during Yale's 317th commencement ceremony on Monday, May 21. 

Photo credit: Joy Bush 

"Chameleon of film, television, and stage, you have brought American icons from Tina Turner to Coretta Scott King to life — and, in the process, become an icon yourself," Yale President Peter Salovey said of Bassett while presenting her with the honor. "As mother to Tre Styles, Christopher Wallace, T’Challa, and the Jackson 5, as a stock broker, a housekeeper, and a queen, you have inspired us and challenged us. Actress of range and power, in recognition of your superb talent, Yale is privileged to present you with your third Yale degree, Doctor of Fine Arts." 

Taking to social media to share the news, Bassett said: "Hey Everybody you good? My heart is full! God blessed me REAL good! Thank you Yale for this blessed honor!" 

In the words of Angela Bassett: "Wakanda Forever Through Education."