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Power and Excellence: How These Black Boys Dominated The 2023 USA Weightlifting Nationals

Power and Excellence: How These Black Boys Dominated The 2023 USA Weightlifting Nationals

These little men have a lot of might!

Say hello to Robert Ramsay and D'Andre Adams, two energetic young trailblazers who recently made their presence felt at the 2023 USA Weightlifting Nationals held in Colorado Springs.

At just 11, D'Andre, originally a Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, swiftly transitioned to weightlifting with a goal set in stone - becoming the sport's new prodigy. As the saying goes, if you believe you can, you can. He already boasts an impressive résumé, including being a 2x National Weightlifting champion and a 2023 Texas State Wrestling Runner Up.

At nationals, D'Andre demonstrated his skills by setting a new American record in the Clean & Jerk movement, boasting an incredible 60kg lift and an equally impressive 37kg Snatch. His outstanding performance sparked well earned celebrations on USA Weightlifting's Instagram post. 



Meanwhile, 10-year-old Robert Ramsay is also demonstrating there's strength in youth. Just three months into his weightlifting journey, he has already competed at nationals! Robert's sister Sabrina shared his momentous day on social media, where she's consistently his most vocal cheerleader. 


@sabrinamarieramsey I am a proud big sister!!! #usaweightlifting #weightlifting #kidsweightlifting #kidsusa #fyp #foryoupage #proudsistermoment #blackgirltiktok #onthisday ♬ original sound - Sabrina Marie 

Despite coming third in the competition, it's evident this is just the beginning of Robert's journey. Notably, he's not just strong, he's fast, too - a promising track star who hit the running track the very next day after the competition! Can we say double threat?!

Nationals are running from June 24th through July 2nd so there's still much more to come! To stay in the loop with D'Andre and Robert's inspiring journeys, keep an eye on D'Andre's Instagram and on big sis Sabrina's TikTok for Robert's updates. We're on the edge of our seats, eagerly anticipating and rooting for their future wins!

 Photo: Instagram/strongweightlifting