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Aja Brown, Compton's Youngest Mayor, Wins A Second Term In Office

Aja Brown, Compton's Youngest Mayor, Wins A Second Term In Office

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In 2013, then 31-year-old Aja Brown became the youngest person to be elected mayor of Compton, California. Now, the trailblazer is celebrating yet another great feat- a second term in office. According to the early election results, Brown received 60.1% of the vote, defeating her opponent former Mayor Omar Bradley, who received 39.9%.

Brown has used her mayoral platform to implement a number of policy changes and community initiatives, which led to the reduction of Compton's crime and unemployment rates. As reported by the Long Beach Press Telegram, Brown has also reduced the city's $43 million deficit by $7 million. In her latest campaign, Brown promised to dedicate some of Compton's funds to fixing its infrastructure.

Read below what Brown had to say about her recent victory:

"We led the way with 3,339 votes or 60.1 percent of votes cast in Tuesday’s election. Compton voters made it clear that they want to move forward and not backward.

Throughout this campaign, we witnessed the love that Compton residents have for their city and the interest they have in our shared vision for Compton’s future. Working families across Compton rallied around our message 'Let's Finish the Work' and demonstrated their desire to stay the course, as we continue to build a better Compton by empowering and restoring our community.

Over the last several years, I’ve made it a priority to ensure new internal controls, improve our fiscal accountability and root out corruption and wasteful spending at every opportunity in an effort to be good custodians of our resident's tax dollars. I've also led the way with new economic development to strengthen our local economy through new investment and new jobs for Compton residents. We're at an exciting time in Compton as we are prepared to roll out the largest street reconstruction project in our city's history.

Thanks to Compton voters, we finally have the funds in place to reconstruct Compton streets and ensure that our investment is maintained for years to come. I'm also preparing a city reform package for the voters to consider, which will include modernizing city government and long term property tax reform. Progress is a process and I'm humbled and honored that Compton voters chose to keep up the momentum and finish the work that we’ve started together! Thank you!"

Congratulations, Mayor Brown! Thank you for being an inspiration to young people, that look like you, who dream of running for office one day.