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After a ‘No’ From Hollywood, Comedian KevOnStage Created His Own Streaming Service

After a ‘No’ From Hollywood, Comedian KevOnStage Created His Own Streaming Service

He isn’t waiting on anybody else to give him the green light!

After hearing “no” from Hollywood, comedian KevOnStage decided to create his own streaming service. 

Kevin Fredericks, known professionally as KevOnStage began his career as a comedian more than a decade ago, building an independent brand that has garnered him millions of followers on social media. In 2013, he decided to move to LA to advance his career, hoping that Hollywood would be brimming with opportunities for someone with such a solid fan base and such a niche brand of comedy. 

However, that wasn’t the case and despite Fredericks independent success, including consistent hilarious viral content and several sold out, independently funded tours, Fredericks just couldn’t seem to snag the big break on screen he was looking for. That’s when he decided to launch his own streaming platform, KevOnStage Studios. 

“The launch came from me getting sick of pitches going nowhere. I was pitching place after place and getting rejection after rejection. Some pilots. Some no follow up...I got tired of that and decided I would make the shows I wanted and hopefully find the audience to watch them,” Fredericks told Because Of Them We Can. 



The new streaming platform focuses on highlighting content from Black creatives and giving opportunities to other up and coming comedians. The tagline on the main site reads “You’ve scrolled to the end of Netflix a million times. Be honest you need something else.” 

That something else is the premium content Fredericks and other independent creators are launching on the site available for anyone for less than $6 a month. From challenge shows to improv and even a show that marries arts and crafts with cocktails, the new KevOnStage Studios has it all. Fredericks hopes that by creating this platform “for us, by us,” he can create pathways for those who wouldn’t otherwise have access and original content that’s sure to get people laughing. 

“You can expect content that’s made for people like you. You’ll get the jokes. You’ll be represented on screen. Right now it’s mostly unscripted. But we are moving towards scripted content this year,” said Fredericks.

Recently, he launched his first show, “What’s Good!,” on the platform. The show follows Fredericks on the road as he explores each city for the most popular eateries, particularly Black-owned ones. So far, the series has been receiving great reception online, the trailer highlighting some of the hilarious moments between Fredericks and his cast of characters. 

“I used to want to be Guy Fieri. Traveling around the world eating at local spots that people in each city raved about. When we get to town for a show we usually ask people ‘what’s good to eat around here. But only around here.’ This show is [about] those restaurants...So if you are ever in those cities you already know What’s Good!,” Fredericks explained. 



The independent journey thus far has been good for Fredericks and he’s excited to continue creating great content for a wide variety of viewers. His advice for other creatives is to be unapologetic about your craft and not to wait on anyone before you start acting on your wildest dreams. 

“Make what you can how you can. Being told no as often as you are told no in Hollywood is very discouraging. You can’t control all aspects of your career. But you can control something,” he said. 

KevOnStage Studios is currently available for download via iPhone, Apple TV, AndroidTV, Roku and FireTV or you can click the link here. 

Congratulations Kev! Because of you, we can!

Photo Courtesy of KevOnStage/YouTube