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8-Year-Old Photographer Gets An Opportunity To Cover Memphis Grizzlies Game

8-Year-Old Photographer Gets An Opportunity To Cover Memphis Grizzlies Game

It’s not just a hobby for her!

An 8-year-old photographer got the opportunity to cover the Memphis Grizzlies game, Commercial Appeal reports. 

Storee Elle Walton first picked up a camera when she was one years old, taking after her grandfather, Thurman Hobson, who has been a professional photographer for more than 50 years. Soon, Hobson realized that this was not just a hobby for his granddaughter, when she asked for a camera like his – and by the age of four, Storee was getting paid to take photos. 

Her mother, Tanyel Hobson-Walton, recalls her first paid gig where young Storee received $25. Since then, she’s only gotten better, serving as a photographer for multiple weddings, celebrities, and the Southern Heritage Classic football game. 

“She’s taken on what my dad loves so much. It started out as a hobby for her but now she’s getting a lot of jobs because of her professionalism. She’s a kid first, but when she comes, she comes as a professional,” said Hobson-Walton. 

Recently, Storee’s aunt Tiffany Hobson met a marketing specialist with the Memphis Grizzlies who worked it out to get Storee pregame access as a photographer. On March 26th, she hit the arena for the team’s game against the Milwaukee Bucks, many of the players and officials treating “the kid photographer” like a celebrity herself. 

“I loved it. People gave me hugs. Some people gave me fist bumps, and I loved being there,” said Storee. 

The third grader even made sure to stop and get a picture of Bally Sports analyst Brevin Knight alongside her grandfather who she lovingly calls “gran-man.” Hobson said he was thoroughly impressed with his granddaughter. 

“Some of the stuff she shoots, I look at it and it totally amazes me she’s able to capture the images that she is at such an early age using professional equipment,” said Hobson. 


Storee takes most of her bookings on the weekend when she has free time from school, and her mom said she also handles many of her bookings, only asking her for support with confirming dates or availability.

“If she commits to a job, she carries it out and that for me, I can say that I’m most proud about… [She wants to be a] noted, famous photographer…She’s not easily distracted. I tell her all the time, you don’t have to. You can explore other things and she’ll say, ‘Mom, I enjoy this. This is cool,’” explained Hobson-Walton.

Storee has her favorite players and was excited to get pictures of them even though she didn’t meet them all. She still had a great time and hopes to one day be able to do it again, saying she’s proud of herself. 

“When I was at the game, the players made me feel like I was famous. It makes me proud to be a little girl with a camera. It’s unbelievable that I can do all this and see these new people,” said Storee. 

We're proud of you, Storee! Keep cultivating your craft. 

Photo Courtesy of @StoreeElle/Instagram