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22-year-old Woman Makes History as the First Person With Autism to Open a Beauty Bar

22-year-old Woman Makes History as the First Person With Autism to Open a Beauty Bar

She just celebrated a birthday, too!

A Georgia woman has become the first person with autism to open a beauty bar in the U.S., Black Business reports. 

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), previously known as autism, is a neurological and developmental disorder that includes a range of conditions impacting social and emotional skills. Sensory issues, repetitive behaviors, food aversions, and certain communication issues are all signs of the disorder. According to United Press International, 1 in 54 kids are diagnosed with ASD in the U.S. However, being diagnosed wasn’t enough to stop many of them from achieving great things. People like Armani Williams, NASCAR’s first Black driver with autism, Kalin Bennett, the first basketball player with autism to receive a D1 scholarship, and Carter Bonas, the autistic 11-year-old entrepreneur and golfer that was awarded a full scholarship at the HBCU Golf Classic are all great examples. We can’t forget chefs like Jeremiah Josey, or authors and illustrators like Jake Bradshaw and Trey Sheppard who didn’t allow their diagnosis to stop them from achieving great things as well!

22-year-old Aaliyah Alicia Thompson was diagnosed at the age of 5. She was always a dedicated student and even graduated high school with honors. After working at Touched by an Angel Beauty School and Salon, she was inspired to become a beautician. Her mother, Patricia Terry, thought a beauty bar would be great for her daughter! Using Aaliyah’s concepts and ideas, Patricia and other family members made it a goal to make Aaliyah’s Beauty Bar a reality. Now, the young girl is making history as the first autistic person to open a beauty bar in the U.S.

Clayton County, GA is where you can find Aaliyah’s salon. It’s open seven days a week and her services include makeup, loc maintenance, and braids. Nail services will be available soon!



Her number one goal is to be an inspiration for other people with autism. Like many others, Aaliyah proved that this disorder doesn’t have to put a cap on one’s dreams. With the right motivation and support, anything is possible!

The beauty bar is located at 3797 GA 138 Suite F, Stockbridge, Ga. 30281. To be a part of her journey, follow her on Instagram at @aaliyahbeautybar


We love your tenacity, Aaliyah. Congratulations!


Photo: Instagram/Aaliyah Alicia Thompson