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2023 ‘Young Frontrunner’ Honoree Gabby Goodwin Wants All Black Girls To Feel Beautiful

2023 ‘Young Frontrunner’ Honoree Gabby Goodwin Wants All Black Girls To Feel Beautiful

The budding beauty boss says it's about more than just hair!

Gabby Goodwin was just 7 years old when she and her mom Rozalynn ran into an issue little Black girls have been experiencing since the beginning of time - disappearing hair barrettes. Frustrated with the constant loss of her prized hair accessories, the two decided to do something about it. The result was GaBBY Bows, a first-of-its-kind patented, non-slip Double-Face Double-Snap Barrette. 

Now at age 16, Gabby serves as the CEO of Confidence by Gabby Goodwin which houses both her bows and a line of plant-based natural hair products designed for retaining moisture and making styling easier. For the teen, her products extend way beyond everyday hair care, serving instead as a tool through which all Black girls can feel beautiful. 

“My vision is for all Black girls to be confident in themselves…I want to be able to help create beauty equity for all - helping everyone, especially young Black girls not be swayed by society’s beauty standards,” Gabby told Because Of Them We Can.  

While it took her some time to fully step into her leadership role, she was able to do so through coaching and encouragement, pushing past her comfort zone to serve as an inspiration for other girls. She’s been named the 2015 South Carolina Young Entrepreneur of the Year, the 2018 Black Enterprise Teenpreneur of the Year, and the 2022 U.S. Small Business Administration Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the state of South Carolina. An excellent example and a shining role model for her peers, Gabby plans to keep up the work and hopefully coach other young entrepreneurs so they can one day pay it forward.

“I want to be that example, inspiration, and coach for girls to go after their dreams and their purpose and change the world. I am strengthened to do my part by those who look up to me because they give me a reason to continue to work toward my goals and dreams for myself and for the world…What excites me most about the future I am building is the way people will not only love and feel empowered themselves through my efforts, but they will spread that love and positive energy to everyone around them,” said Gabby. 

You can support her mission and work by purchasing your own supply of hair accessories and products at

Congratulations Gabby on becoming one of BOTWC’s 2023 Young Frontrunners. Because of you, we can! To view all the amazing 2023 Young Frontrunners, visit

Cover photo: 2023 ‘Young Frontrunner’ honoree Gabby Goodwin wants all Black girls to feel beautiful/Photo Courtesy of Gabby Goodwin/BecauseOfThemWeCan