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13 Years After Leaving College For The NBA, Stephen Curry Has Earned His Degree

13 Years After Leaving College For The NBA, Stephen Curry Has Earned His Degree

It’s just one more accomplishment under his belt!

13 years after leaving college to go to the NBA, Stephen Curry has earned his degree, NBC News reports. 

In 2009, Curry dropped out of college to pursue a career in the NBA, just one semester away from completing his undergraduate degree at Davidson College. He made a promise then that he’d one day finish, going on to become a three-time NBA champion. Recently, he decided the time had come to finish what he started. Now 13 years later, Curry is officially a college graduate. 

“He re-enrolled at Davidson College for the spring semester and worked with: two members of the Davidson faculty, a Stanford University professor and a UC Santa Cruz professor who taught Stephen when both were at Davidson,” reps from the college said. 

Curry took to social media to share footage from the commencement ceremony, which he was unable to make, writing “Class of 2010…aka 2022 but we got it done! Thanks to my whole village that helped me get across the finish line. Made the promise when I left and had to see it through. Official [Davidson College] alum.”


The Warriors congratulated Curry on his accomplishment, sharing an illustration of him in full cap and gown on Instagram. He recently led the team to a 110-96 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies in Game 6, officially helping win the second-round playoff series and securing their spot at the Western Conference finals. 

Curry’s wife Ayesha shared the team’s congratulatory post to her story, writing “Proud would be an understatement! Congratulations to my love @stephencurry30 YOU DID IT!”


The point guard now holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology from Davidson College. School officials said they “[look] forward to an opportunity on campus in the future when we can present his diploma.” 

Congratulations, Steph! Here's to another beautiful reminder that it's never too late to finish what you started. 

Photo Courtesy of NBA