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13-Year-Old Kimora Hudson Is Officially A College Freshman

13-Year-Old Kimora Hudson Is Officially A College Freshman

Photo via: University of West Georgia  

Kimora Hudson is far from your average 13-year-old. While kids around her age are returning to middle school or perhaps starting their first year of high school, Kimora has enrolled as the youngest student at the University of West Georgia for the fall of 2017.

“When she was a baby, this was always the vision," said Fawn Hudson, Kimora's mother. "Even when she was a few months old her doctor was saying she is a little advanced."

Thanks to a human growth and development mentoring group created by her mother, Kimora was exposed to extracurricular enrichment at an early age. The program also encourages young people to never wait to pursue their dreams. 

"All throughout my life my mom was always making sure I was prepared for everything," Kimora said. "My parents know what I need, and they always strive for me to do my best." 

Both preparation and fate have helped Kimora get one step closer to her goal, as she spent the last two summers taking college classes at Vanderbilt University. Then she was accepted into the UWG Move on When Ready (MOWR) program (which allows 10th through 12th grade students to earn college credit) during the brief period that the program was allowing 9th graders to apply. 

"It was ironic that the year she was going into 9th grade the MOWR laws changed to allow the advanced 9th graders a chance, so I said this is it," Fawn explained. "As soon as she applied and got accepted they took away the 9th grade component. So when that happened, I knew this was meant to be."

Now as an official college student, Kimora plans to pursue a career in the medical field as she has a passion for science and an interest in psychology and neurology. Going straight from middle school to college is going to be an adjustment, but Kimora believes:  

"You can't be scared to try new things, and you always have to try your best. You never know where it is going to take you. You can't be scared of the small thinking." 

Yes! Keep dreaming big, Kimora! Best of luck on your collegiate career.