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12-Year-Old Launches Natural Skincare Line For Kids

12-Year-Old Launches Natural Skincare Line For Kids

He’s well on his way to becoming a successful entrepreneur!

Bron was just 11-years-old when his mother Patrice Chappelle realized that her son’s regular soap, water, lotion routine wasn’t going to work for much longer, Black Enterprise reports. His face wasn’t getting the moisture he needed and his skin was suffering as a result. Hard pressed to find a good skincare line that worked for her young son, she decided to engage him in helping her create a skincare line that worked without breaking the bank.

MelanBrand Skin was created with this goal in mind by Bron and his mom Patrice. The Black-owned skincare line formulated specifically for melanated skin launched in May 2023 and together, they’ve made it a family affair, Bron’s dad Don even coming on as COO. Patrice says the focus was keeping the skincare brand natural so it would be gentle enough for children, while also hydrating, balancing and soothing any skin irritations while reducing redness. MelanBrand Skin products are gluten free, paraben free, formaldehyde free, phthalate free, and cruelty free, also featuring products for eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. 

“We believe that every child deserves to have healthy and nourished skin, and that’s what we aim to provide with our products. Our mission is to empower parents to take care of their children’s skin in a natural and safe way, help the parents empower their kids to do the same, every day, and to empower Black and brown kids to feel confident in their skin,” said Patrice. 

The products are suitable for nearly all skin types and make them ideal for those families looking for skin solutions for their younger children. Patrice said that skincare is often left out of the hygiene conversation with children and it’s one she wanted to emphasize with Bron. With the face being the first thing people see, Patrice wanted to make sure the now 12-year-old knew that it was just as important as putting on deodorant or brushing your teeth and she hopes other parents can follow suit. 

“We are proud to offer a line of products that parents can feel good about using on their children. We know how important it is to take care of our children’s skin, and we are dedicated to providing natural and safe options that families can trust,” Patrice explained. 

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Cover photo: 12-year-old launches natural skincare line for kids/Photo Courtesy of MelanBrand Skin/Black Enterprise