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12-Year-Old Vegan Chef Set To Publish First Cookbook

12-Year-Old Vegan Chef Set To Publish First Cookbook

It's great when you discover your passion early in life!

12-year-old British vegan chef, Omari McQueen, is releasing his first cookbook next year, Shoppe Black reports. 

Omari became vegan at age 7, eventually creating his own brand Dipalicious at just 8-years-old. The young chef ran a YouTube channel that focused on showcasing his skills and innovative recipes like vegan pizza with a Caribbean Kick dip. He continued to expand his brand and media presence, selling a line of dips including the original “Caribbean Kick” flavor and adding a curry and sweet flavor, along with “Vegan Pizza Fingers” and juices. 

Last year, the budding cook hosted a pop up restaurant in Croydon, United Kingdom where he served a variety of Caribbean inspired food. He also released a mini-documentary about his journey, highlighting his YouTube channel, business ventures and experience cooking for celebrities. Now, the pre-teen is releasing his first book, Omari McQueen’s Best Bites Cookbook, showcasing 30 plant based recipes from Omari.

“I don’t want animals to die or be eaten so I teach people my age to be vegan” Omari said in the documentary. Taking to Instagram to announce his new book, he shared his enthusiasm, saying, “I am so excited to announce that my first published book will be out in January. I would like to thank everyone for all your love, support and encouragement.”



The book will be published by Scholastic UK. Leah James, Publishing Manager for the company, spoke about Omari, calling him the leader of a new generation.  “His passion for food and cooking is irresistible. Children everywhere have been busy learning to cook during lockdown; we can’t wait for Omari to share his recipes, tips, and enthusiasm with a generation of children and their families. Omari is leading a new generation of ethical minded foodies into a more sustainable future,” James said.

Omari also thanked his family, saying, “Mummy & Daddy [you're] the best a boy like me could have. Thank you to my siblings and family for being you perfect,” he said. 

The book is set to release January 2021. For more information, visit the website here. 

Congratulations Omari!

Photo Courtesy of @dipaliciousltd/Instagram