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18-Year-Old Just Graduated College and is Headed to Law School

18-Year-Old Just Graduated College and is Headed to Law School

Instead of graduating from high school 18-year-old Brittany Reaves is preparing to walk across the stage as a Magna Cum Laude graduate from Fayetteville State University.

ABC11 reports that she obtained her bachelor’s degree in history and completed four years worth of work in just one year. She earned 85 credits at the Cumberland International Early College High School then she completed the remaining credits when she enrolled in 2018.

“I just had great people who gave me great opportunities,” she said in an interview.

Her mother described her as a gifted child who learned to read at age three. Now the soon to be college grad is taking her talent to North Carolina Central to pursue her law degree.

Whether she leaves NCCU in one year or three, when she does, she plans to pursue a career as a lawyer specializing in civil litigation.

Reaves’ credits her success to the support of her village and hard work.

Go, Brittany go!

Photo credit: ABC11

Update: The headline was changed from "18-Year-Old Completed Four Years Worth of College in One Year and is Headed to Law School" to "18-Year-Old Just Graduated College and is Headed to Law School." The headline was unintentionally misleading without context and was updated as a result.